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Featuring 3D Swing Analysis!

Why 3D?

With 3D analysis motion software we can capture all elements of the golf swing from set-up, impact and follow through. With 3D analysis you see exactly what your body is doing during the swing, and it pinpoints specific elements of your swing that are causing you to lose efficiency, power and distance.

If you think you know your swing by watching video analysis, think again. The golf swing takes place in less than 2 seconds, and it is impossible for the human eye or video camera to accurately assess swing efficiency.

With 3D analysis, we not only dramatically increase the frames per second during movement, but we also capture 3 planes of movement simulataneously:

1. Rotation (left and right)
2. Bend (forward and backward)
3. Side Bend (left and right)

The 3D Swing Summary Report shows you these 3 planes of movement for several elements of your swing including:

• Alignment at Address

• Posture at Address

• Pelvis Position at the Top

• Pelvis and Upper Body Turn at the Top

• Pelvis and Upper Body Turn at Impact

• Spine Movement at the Top and Impact

The Swing Summary Report also compares your swing to an ideal range. When your results are within the ideal range, they are highlighted in green, and the results outside of the ideal range that need improvement are highlighted in red.

3D capture of your swing also reveals your swing signature, in terms of how efficiently you transfer energy through your body during a swing. Efficiency is seen in a kinematic sequence graph, which shows us how fast you transition your pelvis, upper body and hands, as well as the order of transition.

If the transition sequence is out of order, or the peak speed sequence is out of order, it will dramatically affect swing efficiency leading to less consistent ball striking and fewer yards.

The results of 3D swing analysis are even more powerful when combined with your results on a Titleist®Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Assessment. This assessment involves 11 different physical tests which assess strength, stability, flexibility and balance as they relate to the golf swing. The assessment specifically identifies areas of your body that are limiting you from reaching your power and distance potential.

With 3D swing analysis and the Golf Fitness Assessment your areas of greatest weakness can be identified and targeted for correction.

Golf-Specific Corrective Exercise

Based on the results of your Golf Fitness Assessment, we can provide individualized corrective exercises and treatments to improve your body for golf.

For example, a common Golf Fitness Assessment finding is limited mobility (range of motion) through the mid-back (thoracic spine region). When a golfer is unable to properly rotate the upper body it makes it difficult to create a good shoulder turn and often leads to a loss of golf posture resulting in swing compensations such as the ‘over the top’ downswing characteristic, causing a slice for many golfers. Limited rotation through the mid-back can also dramatically decrease the power of the swing. Once a limitation in mid-back rotation is identified we can target it with corrective exercise to improve the golfers’ ability to create a good turn.

Biofeedback Training

Research has demonstrated that biofeedback training is the most effective method for quickly learning new movement patterns. During biofeedback training, you wear the 3D motion sensors and you get real-time instantaneous feedback when your body is in the ideal range. While watching yourself on a monitor you see the areas of the body turn green when they are in the correct range, and turn red when they are in the incorrect range. You learn by feel and correct how your body moves throughout the swing.

Golf Performance Package Includes:

1. Titleist® Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Assessment

  • Involves 11 golf-specific physical tests which assess characteristics of your body including strength, stability, flexibility and balance

2. 3D Capture of Your Swing

  • Using on-site 3D wireless motion sensor technology to capture video and 3D data.
  • Even see how you compare to the PGA and LPGA Tour player ranges!

3. Review of Results

  • We review your testing results and provide you with a colour summary to take home or to your golf pro.

4. Training Session

  • Using 3D motion sensors with real-time feedback you can learn by feel and correct how your body moves throughout the swing.

Golf Performance Package Fee: $300

Who Does It?

Your swing is analyzed by the Doctors at Chiropractic Plus who are certified through the Titleist® Performance Institute.

As Doctors, your golf swing is analyzed from the perspective of your body’s capabilities. We often work alongside Teaching Professionals in order to maximize your results. A Golf Teaching Pro will teach you how to swing a club. Our Doctors will make sure your body can do what your Pro needs it to!

Golf Injuries

Do you have pain when you golf, or an injury that prevents you from playing?

The #1 cause of injury on the golf course is poor body mechanics. It’s important to have a body that moves well for golf. By combining the Certified Golf Fitness Assessment with 3D Swing Analysis our Doctors can identify and correct what may be physically limiting your swing or causing injury.